Taking the “Play” out of “PlayStation Network”

All I wanted to do was play some arcade X-Men with an .

Instead, I got “maintenance messages” and shattered dreams. And by shattered dreams, I mean we played Soul Calibur IV instead. It was the closest equivalent I could find in terms of “just mash buttons” gameplay.

So, what’s up with the “maintenance” that’s been going on at PSN for the last several days, preventing players from going online? Well, I would love to tell you, but I can’t. Why? Because in an age of instant communication, Sony hasn’t really said anything throughout the entire debacle.

Looks like we need to rotate this a bit now so that the "X" is placed prominantely at the forefront.

The big revelation to come from them today is that , seemingly confirming Internet speculation that PSN had suffered some sort of hacking attempt. It seems to just be the latest chapter in the between .

Since I have close to zero information to work with here, I’ll refrain from making rash judgments about the situation. However, I will say that the lack of transparency from Sony is extremely disheartening. I know PSN is free (assuming you’re not signed up for Plus), but that doesn’t mean you should just leave everyone in the dark when something like this happens.

With , as well as Team Ico also , it’s been a depressing week for PlayStation users.

Meanwhile, I guess I need to brush up on my Soul Calibur IV some more. Who knows when this is getting resolved? Certainly not me. And apparently, neither does Sony.

4 Responses to “Taking the “Play” out of “PlayStation Network””
  1. says:

    Not to mention that it’s a 4-day weekend in the UK… :S

    • aflaten says:

      That is the worst! Holidays are made for hardcore gaming sessions. Now, you may actually be forced to do things in the… outside world.

      That place sucks.

  2. Casey says:

    Bahh… Without cable, streaming Netflix through the playstation is my main connection to the outside world… This connection problem is killer

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